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Logonet brings Finnish Baby Aid Kit to Somalia

The Finnish Baby Aid Kit contains basic necessities for childbirth and nursing a newborn in the first months following birth.Credits: : Logonet

Finnish company Logonet has received 124 680 euros in funding from Finnpartnership to bring its tailored Finnish Baby Aid Kit to Somalia and help reduce child and maternal mortality in the country.

Logonet’s Finnish Baby Aid Kit innovation is developed to improve safety of childbirth and provide basic care for newborns in areas where conditions are challenging and healthcare limited.

The concept includes a namesake childbirth and nursing kit that provides the basic necessities and is modified to suit the local culture and environment.

The project in Somalia will take place over two years, between 1 February 2018 and 31 January 2020. It will encourage pregnant women in the country to attend regular check-ups in public healthcare centres, and aims to decrease the risks associated with childbirth and generally improve healthcare during and after the pregnancy.

Logonet received the necessary funding from Finnpartnership, which promotes business activities and partnerships with Finnish companies that generate positive developments in developing countries.

The realisation of the project was also made easier by Innovation Manager Finland, which specialises in funding applications, particularly from the EU, Business Finland, and Finnpartnership.

Published on 20.04.2018