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Innomedica and SensoDetect team up

SensoDetect develops solutions to improve the life of people struggling with mental illness.Istock.com/ FatCamera

Innomedica, a Finnish advisory company specialising in life sciences, will provide its business partnering expertise to SensoDetect.

“It is very gratifying that we have initiated a collaboration with such an established actor as Innomedica,” saysJohan Olson, the CEO of SensoDetect, a Lund, Sweden-based company developing solutions to improve the life of people struggling with mental illness.

“Innomedica’s team will be an important complement to our own resources,” he views.

The co-operation will begin immediately with the objective of identifying potential partners and distributors for SensoDetect in Europe with a particular focus on Germany and the UK. SensoDetect believes the partnership will consequently allow it to strengthen its market focus in Europe.

Olson reveals that he expects to be able to develop a clear picture of the potential partners and distributors in a relatively short period of time.

Innomedica specialises in supporting the product launch and research and development efforts of life science and medical technology companies. Since its foundation in 1997, it has provided its services to over 250 companies in Europe, Japan and the US.

Published on 02.02.2018