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Helsinki is an EU Capital of Smart Tourism

Helsinki continues to prove its worth as a tourism destination.Adobe

The Finnish capital Helsinki has been selected as a winner of the EU’s inaugural European Capital of Smart Tourism competition.

A total of 38 cities from 19 EU member states applied to compete for the title. Helsinki and the French city of Lyon were chosen as the capitals for their innovative tourism measures across the categories of accessibility, sustainability, digitalisation, and cultural heritage and creativity.

Finland’s winning entry came under the theme “Helsinki – taking smart to new heights”.

“Helsinki is a city that is committed to promoting sustainable development and is showing the way in this regard also within the tourism sector in Europe,” says deputy mayor Pia Pakarinen. “Over the coming year we will formulate a sustainable tourism action plan that will further strengthen our role as a pioneer in this joint project.”

Helsinki will be given EU-wide visibility throughout 2019. The city will be provided with expert communication and branding support, which will include the production of promotional videos, the installation of a purpose-built sculpture and bespoke promotional activities.

“Helsinki’s success in this competition was made possible by our reinforced image as an attractive and functional city destination,” says Laura Aalto, CEO of Helsinki Marketing. “In addition, our long-term work in offering and utilising open data has clearly become one of our leading success factors. For example, our award-winning city marketing website Myhelsinki.fi demonstrates Helsinki’s digital leadership.”

Published on 25.09.2018