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Hello Ruby creator receives substantial grant

Hello Ruby teaches programming fundamentals through stories and kid-friendly activities. Otso Kaijaluoto

Expo Live, an innovation and partnership programme established by Expo 2020 Dubai, has presented a grant of 100 000 US dollars to Linda Liukas, the Finnish creator of Hello Ruby.

According to Liukas, the grant provides an opportunity to introduce the already world-famous series of books and apps – designed to offer children, their parents and teachers a fun and creative way to learn about the world of computing – to new markets, such as Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.

Linda Liukas Image: Maija Tammi

“It allows us to create dynamic, entertaining and pedagogical web content that inspires teachers and augments their practical skills,” she tells in a press release.

The Hello Ruby books, apps and websites have already been translated to 25 languages. Liukas has been recognised for her pioneering work in China and topped the list of best-selling children’s books on Amazon Japan.

“The next generation must be fearless about technology to succeed,” she stresses. “Teachers and parents must understand the paths and opportunities offered by technology. Hello Ruby wants to kindle the curiosity of educators and help them to become excited about a world that is controlled increasingly by technology.”

Her sentiments are echoed by Yousuf Caires, a vice president of Expo Live.

“Programming is a language of the 2000s,” he summarises. “That is why projects such as Hello Ruby are important. We are glad to be able to help it to expand and reach a growing number of children.”

Expo Live has a total of 100 million US dollars at its disposal to support efforts to develop creative solutions to the challenges faced by people and societies. The so-called innovation impact grants are capped at 100 000 US dollars.

Good News from Finland interviewed Liukas in 2016, when she revealed her favourite authors, the best place and time of day to write and where she sees herself in 10 years’ time.

Published on 14.05.2018