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Hatch and DT offer unlimited gaming in Germany

Game titles on Hatch range from arcade classics such as Pac-Man CE DX and Sonic Jump, to modern hits Monument Valley and Crashlands.Rovio/Hatch

Finland’s Hatch is collaborating with Deutsche Telekom to offer subscribers in Germany unlimited cloud gaming.

A stand-alone subsidiary of Rovio, Hatch is a pioneer in game streaming and offers the first app that allows games to be streamed as easily as video or music, enabling users to instantly play games without any downloads or other requirements.

Hatch has now been included in Deutsche Telekom’s unlimited data programme, StreamOn, which allows subscribers in Germany to play as much as they want without any data charges.

“We are often asked how much mobile data is required to play games on Hatch, and it’s clearly a major concern for many consumers,” says Vesa Jutila, co-founder of Hatch. “Although our bandwidth requirements are mild when compared to HD video streaming, for example, the StreamOn programme gives our players total peace of mind and helps pave the way forward to a new era of game streaming anytime and anywhere. We’re proud and honoured to participate.”

Ranging from titles such as Crazy Taxi Classic to Crashlands and, of course, Angry Birds, the more than 100 games on Hatch are all full-featured, high-quality premium experiences without any in-app purchases.

Published on 24.08.2018