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Habbo creator Sulake releases Hotel Hideaway

Create your avatar and socialise with other players in a hotel hubworld teeming with guests and activities.Screenshot/Hotel Hideaway

Finnish company Sulake has released its new social gaming experience Hotel Hideaway, its biggest release since the launch of virtual online community Habbo 17 years ago.

Players of Hotel Hideaway create and customise their own unique avatars and interact in true Habbo fashion via in-game text chat and by using different gestures in a virtual hotel world setting.

They can also create and participate in community-driven social minigames and unlock various features as they level up and deepen their relationships.

Hotel Hideaway is a summation of the work we’ve done in the social mobile space,” says Simo Piispanen, Sulake’s game lead on Hotel Hideaway. “Our past experience with Habbo has provided us with valuable insight into crafting a rich community for people to establish lasting friendships, while also being easily accessible using today’s mobile technology.”

Sulake also plans to add a dynamic augmented reality (AR) functionality in the spring by utilising Apple’s AR+. The game developer is owned by Finnish telecommunications firm Elisa.

Hotel Hideaway is available for free on iOS and Android for ages 17 and up.

Published on 06.04.2018