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GrainSense becomes available in Denmark

GrainSense’s handheld device offers an affordable and practical solution for farmers to measure the value of their crop with.Credits: : GrainSense

GrainSense, the Finnish agritech startup behind the world’s first handheld device for grain protein measurement, has found a local distributor in Denmark.

GrainSense and Danish smart farming company Geoteam met earlier this year and have now signed a distribution agreement, with Geoteam about to showcase the product at the Agromek fair in Herning, Denmark, between 27 and 30 November.

“GrainSense’s valuable invention with related services will be a great add on to our existing product portfolio,” said Niels Rasmussen, business manager of Geoteam. “We have demoed the device to some of our customers and the feedback has been very positive indeed. The device may be bought now with sales starting early 2019.”

The GrainSense product was launched this summer after more than two years of development. It measures the key values of a crop, including protein, moisture, oil, and carbohydrate, in a matter of seconds. Currently available for measurement are wheat, barley, oats, rye and rapeseed.

With the information, farmers can make informed decisions to improve their productivity and profitability, even before harvesting. Sales have so far taken place mainly in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic states.

“Wherever the GrainSense device and solution has been introduced, we have seen exceptionally strong interest in the device,” said Edvard Krogius, CEO of GrainSense. “The feedback from customers is overwhelming and we have been very busy attending events, field days, and conferences in Northern Europe presenting the device throughout the whole year.”

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Published on 27.11.2018