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Goodio expands to the US

Goodio is taking its wide assortment of chocolate goodies across the pond.Credits: : Goodio

Finnish chocolate company Goodio has founded a subsidiary in the US, with the help of 1.5 million euros in fresh funding.

Helsinki-based Goodio is experiencing strong growth and the move stateside follows growing demand for its products on the international markets.

The setting up of the US operations is accelerated by an additional, 1.5 million-euro capital investment from former Rovio CEO Mikael Hed.

“Founding a subsidiary on the other side of the Atlantic allows for substantial growth of sales in North America and significantly strengthens several of our export-related processes,” says Goodio’s chief operating officer Jussi Salonen.

The US expansion was decided by Goodio’s new board, which is chaired by the company’s chief development officer Taru Pilvi and also includes the former Rovio head and the senior vice president of Valmet AutomativePasi Rannus.

“Our new board members bring in knowhow for the development of our production and a strong understanding for building international brands and of the US market, which improves our ability to manage the company’s strong growth,” Pilvi comments.

Goodio has previously been building its brand in the US together with Whole Foods, and recently reinforced the ethical core of the business by launching collaboration with the Ubuntu Foundation.

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Published on 14.09.2018