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Goodio expands collaboration with Whole Foods

Goodio is doubling the reach in the US.Goodio

Helsinki-based Goodio has revealed that its organic and vegan-friendly raw chocolate products will hit the shelves of 45 Whole Foods stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts and other states surrounding New York.

Whole Foods, an American upmarket grocery store chain, began offering the craft chocolate products at roughly 40 of its stores, primarily in New York, last November.

“We are very pleased with our co-operation with Whole Foods,” tells Jussi Salonen, the chief operating officer at Goodio. “Current sales figures show that our chocolate has tremendous appeal to the chain’s customers. Whole Foods will open the doors for us to more of its stores by this summer.”

Goodio is confident in its ability to respond to the growing demand following the opening of its new chocolate factory in Kallio, Helsinki, in January.

“Our new factory enables us to increase our production capacity enormously compared to last year. Our objective is to gain entry to all of Whole Foods’ 450 stores during the course of this year,” tells Jonni Sinkkonen, the CEO of Goodio.

Salonen gauged last year that launching the products across the entire supermarket chain would boost the sales of Goodio by 1.2 million euros.

Goodio’s additive-, dairy- and gluten-free raw chocolate products are available in 14 countries following their launch last month in Denmark. The craft chocolate maker offered a taste of its philosophy and future plans in an interview with Good News from Finland in June, 2016.

Published on 08.03.2018