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Golla on brink of international breakthrough

In the bag. La Rinascente in Milan is the exclusive Golla retailer in Italy.Credits: : Golla

Finland’s Golla is bringing its bags to the shelves of some of the most iconic department stores in Europe: La Rinascente Italy, Galeries Lafayette in France and El Corte Inglés in Spain.

The Finnish family-owned bag manufacturer is showcasing its products in the display windows of La Rinascente in Milan, which has acquired an exclusive right to retail the products in Italy, and launched sales at the flagship store of the largest department store chain in France, Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Its functional and stylish bags will also be found on the shelves of El Corte Inglés, the leading department store chain in Spain, as of September.

Petri Kähkönen, the CEO of Golla, said the partnerships are evidence that the company made the right decision to embark on a several-year transformative process towards bags and backpacks that satisfy the needs of modern-day workers and travellers. 

“The process, which included shifting away from the domain of electronics and opening new distribution channels, has required major efforts and is finally producing results. The aforementioned agreements with the leading distributors in the world of bags are a major accomplishment for Golla,” he told. 

“We are finally on the right track and at the dawn of a new beginning,” he added. 

Kähkönen discussed the family business’ meandering journey through years of rapid technological change in an interview with Good News from Finland in October 2017.

Published on 29.08.2018