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Gene By Gene goes for BC Platforms’ solution

Gene by Gene was the first company globally to develop DNA testing for ancestry and genealogical purposes as a commercial application. Credits: : BC Platforms

Genomic data management and analytics company BC Platforms has been selected by US-based Gene By Gene to scale up its genomic data processing and storage capabilities.

BC Platforms will deliver a streamlined, highly automated solution for running parallel imputation of genotype data from multiple chips as well as historical data. BC Platforms’ Tiling technology enables the unparalleled compression of data, providing a highly efficient data storage solution and allowing mass computational analysis.

This will facilitate Gene By Gene’s downstream reporting and analytics in a more streamlined fashion, while dramatically improving its laboratory processes and saving data storage costs.

“We collect tens of thousands of genomic data samples on a daily basis, and we chose BC Platforms because of their unique capabilities and ready-made solutions for genomic data handling and storage using their Tiling technology,” says Elliott Greenspan, Gene By Gene’s director of engineering. “Organisations in our industry are measured by efficiencies. When dealing with large volumes of data, fast turnaround times for every step of the process are crucial for success”.

It’s been a busy week for BC Platforms, with the company also announcing it has launched GeneVision, a new end-to-end solution for precision medicine, that uses the Microsoft Genomics service which runs on Microsoft Azure. It also recently announced a partnership with US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

Published on 07.03.2018