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Futurice expands into Norway

Futurice creates digital services for its clients.Screenshot/Futurice

Finnish technology company Futurice is opening a new office in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

The office is already being set up, and the aim is to have it fully operational in August. It will allow Futurice to further improve its international service ability and ease its clients’ expansions in the Nordics.

Futurice has around 500 employees and, in addition to Norway, has offices in Finland, Sweden, Germany and the UK. The company has been growing profitably for the past 14 years, and its clients include Telia, Fortum, Kesko, BMW, E.ON, and Plan International.

“Several of our Nordic key clients have significant business interests in Finland, Sweden as well as Norway,” says Futurice CEO Teemu Moisala. “A local presence in all three countries makes us a better strategic partner for these companies. In addition, we are better able to open doors to the Nordics for our Central European clients.”

Published on 02.05.2018