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Freshly funded Catland announces new spy game

Catland’s humorous new spy game follows Audrey Smoothspy, who equipped with a shrink ray and other exotic gadgets plunges deep into the Cold War. Catland

Finnish game developer Catland has announced its second game title, The Spy Who Shrunk Me, after a successful undisclosed funding round led by game industry veterans.

Following on the heels of its 2017 sleeper hit virtual reality game debut Taphouse VR, Catland will release its second game, The Spy Who Shrunk Me, on Steam for both PC and VR later this year.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me is a tongue-in-cheek spy adventure, a love letter to spy movies, immersive simulations and other games in the stealth genre,” comments Catland CEO Tomi Toikka. “Armed with a shrink ray, you can shrink and dip Soviet soldiers into paper shredders and make them run in a hamster wheel – and shrink yourself to get past opponents. Just don’t get stomped.”

The Finnish game developer has also announced the closing of a successful seed funding round for an undisclosed sum. The round was led by investors and veteran game developers Sisu Game Ventures, Jaakko Manninen, Sami Vanhatalo and Niko Punin.

“Catland proved they are a nimble, versatile and above all playful bunch of game developers with their amazingly fun Taphouse VR last year,” says Harri Manninen, managing director of Nordic XR Startups and investor in Catland. “I like their strategy of going after the larger PC market while still delivering a unique and eye-opening experience for VR.”

Published on 16.08.2018