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Fortum first: e-vehicles receive high-powered charge in Sweden

At Kristinehamn’s HPC station next generation EVs can charge about 250 km range in only 10 minutes time. This is seven times faster than on the quick chargers that are on the market today.Fortum

Fortum Charge & Drive has opened Sweden’s first high-power charging (HPC) station for electric vehicles, located in Kristinehamn.

Located some 270 kilometres west of Stockholm, the station was built in partnership with McDonald’s and is located on the US fast food giant’s Kristinehamn premises.

The new HPC charging station is part of the first HPC corridor that Fortum Charge & Drive is building between Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki. The company announced the opening of its Oslo charging station back in April.

“This is our second step in establishing a network that will make electric long-distance travelling in the Nordics even more convenient,” saysAnnika Hoffner, head of public charging service and home charging at Fortum. “Additional HPC stations will be opened in Sweden and Finland in the coming months.”

The corridor seeks to provide better charging possibilities for long-range (over 300 km) electric vehicles with higher charging speeds. In effect, the next generation of electric cars will be able to drive from Helsinki to Oslo in the same amount of time as conventional cars.

Fortum Charge & Drive is also developing a charging network for electric vehicles along highways and in metropolitan areas in 20 European countries with Dutch charging solutions provider Allego.

Published on 24.08.2018