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Fortum Charge & Drive joins forces with Plugsurfing

Plugsurfing’s considerable EV charging platform will boost Fortum Charge & Drive’s efforts to make electric vehicle use ever easier.Fortum

Fortum Charge & Drive has acquired full ownership of Loudspring portfolio company Plugsurfing, Europe’s leading independent charging service for electric vehicles.

Plugsurfing has grown to become a leading player on Europe’s fragmented EV charging market, connecting more than 65 000 charging points with electric vehicle drivers across 24 European countries.

Plugsurfing’s mobile app connects EV drivers with Europe’s largest charging networks. Image: Fortum

With the acquisition, Fortum Charge & Drive aims to use Plugsurfing’s EV charging services and solutions to help speed up the transition towards electric vehicles.

“Our purpose is to make it easy to use electric vehicles and charging points so that we can all move towards a cleaner world,” comments Fortum Charge & Drive’s vice president Rami Syväri. “Fortum Charge & Drive, together with PlugSurfing, is able to better serve the drivers of electric vehicles, car manufacturers and several other key businesses.

The acquisition will also be beneficial for EV drivers in the Nordic region, where Fortum Charge & Drive serves 75 000 registered customers with 1 700 chargers.

“As one of the first steps, the Nordic charging network of Charge & Drive will be available on the PlugSurfing application for access and payment,” Syväri says. “Our aim is to improve EV drivers’ access to charging networks when travelling between countries.”

Published on 06.03.2018