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Flashnode starts co-operation with Visma

The inked deal seeks to capitalise on the market position of Visma in the Nordics.Flashnode

Flashnode and Visma, the Norwegian developer of a web-based enterprise resource planning software called Visma.net, have announced a partnership designed to help small and medium enterprises combat silo mentality.

Flashnode has integrated the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software into its data integration ecosystem to enable seamless connections between the cloud-based services in the system, thus facilitating flow of information for the corporate users of Visma.net.

Lennu Keinänen, the CEO of Flashnode, says the co-operation is a great opportunity for the startup to help businesses grow and develop their processes, especially due to the market position of Visma in the Nordics. 

“Integration has traditionally been expensive and thereby only available to large companies, but we are bringing compatible data systems also to small and medium enterprises,” he says.

Flashnode provides data integration to businesses by use of a software as a service (SaaS) distribution model. 

Matti Karppinen, a business manager at Visma.net, points out that the compatibility of cloud-based software is critical for all businesses, regardless of whether they operate on a local or global scale.

“It is our duty to serve domestic small and medium enterprises as best we can,” he tells. “The Flashnode co-operation will provide our customers the opportunity to deploy Visma.net seamlessly alongside a web shop, point of purchase or customer relationship management software.”

Visma highlights that as businesses rely on a growing number of cloud-based software, the incompatibility and compartmentalisation of the software are prone to become a bottleneck. Business efficiency, it adds, deteriorates whenever a business is unable to utilise its data or has to transfer them manually from one software to another.

Flashnode raised some two million euros in seed funding in mid-2017 for its expansion in Finland and Europe. It currently has operations in Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom, and customers in six European countries.

Published on 08.02.2018