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Finnish solutions elevated around the world

KONE’s 24/7 Connected Services gives voice to elevators and now presents a tweeting escalator.Credits: : KONE

Pöyry, Valmet and KONE have been keeping busy globally with engineering, automation and connected escalators.

Finnish consulting and engineering company Pöyry has been awarded the owner’s engineer services assignment for the Rabigh-Jeddah-Makkah Water Transmission System in Saudi Arabia.

One of the largest transport systems for drinking water, the Rabigh-Jeddah-Makkah Water Transmission System will supply water to the metropolitan areas of Jeddah and Makkah in Saudi Arabia. The assignment was awarded to Pöyry by the Saline Water Conversion Company (SWCC) for an undisclosed amount.

Valmet, meanwhile, has signed a non-exclusive partnership agreement with Germany-based Bilfinger GreyLogix to offer a comprehensive range of automation services and equipment to the power and process industries.

The two companies will engage in close co-operation and complement each other with their respective fields of expertise, especially targeting markets in Europe and the Middle East.

Finally to KONE, which has introduced an escalator connected to Twitter to promote its 24/7 Connected Services. KONE started off by giving voice to lifts to demonstrate how lifts and IoT servers communicate about performance or potential issues.

The world’s first tweeting escalator, @JustAnEscalator, is now in operation at an undisclosed location in London, from where it is tweeting about its working day and conditions, providing insights on how data is transmitted between equipment and the cloud.

Published on 06.03.2018