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Finnish short documentary awarded in Spain

Waste no. 1 Money explores how the Zimbabwe dollar completely lost its value and banknotes literally became recyclable goods.AV-arkki

Finnish media artist and film-maker Jan Ijäs’s short documentary film Waste no. 1 Money was awarded at the Huesca International Film Festival.

Waste no. 1 Money was awarded the grand prize in the documentary contest of the Huesca International Film Festival, which took place between 8 June and 16 June in Huesca, north-eastern Spain. The festival is one of oldest short film festivals in Spain.

The documentary explores the aftermath of the Zimbabwe dollar completely losing its value, where banknotes are even used for making tablecloths and lampshades. Meanwhile, valuable US dollar bills are hidden beneath clothing in the Harare slums and hand washed by money launderers to keep them clean.

Waste no. 1 Money forms part of a documentary series called Waste, which currently consists of five award-winning films. The film was produced by Atalante and is distributed by AV-arkki, the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art.

The film’s director Jan Ijäs works in documentary, fictional and alternative filmmaking, and his films have been shown at more than 100 national and international film festivals.

Published on 03.07.2018