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Finnish porter dethrones Guinness

The Malmgård X-Porter is a full-bodied imperial porter with chocolate malt and cocoa notes.Malmgård

Malmgård Brewery’s X-Porter has been chosen as the winner of the Stout & Porter category at the World Beer Awards, ahead of last year’s winner Guinness.

The World Beer Awards is the one of the most acclaimed industry events, drawing 490 breweries from 50 countries and a total of 2 300 beers to compete in various categories. Malmgård’s X-Porter was the only Finnish beer to be awarded by the event’s 78-person jury consisting of brewmasters, reporters, beer sommeliers and other experts from around the world.

“This is a significant recognition for our persistent efforts. Especially toppling Guinness as the world’s best in the Stout & Porter category,” states Tuomas Markkula, co-founder and brewmaster at Malmgård. “It gives credence to our belief that small and local breweries can compete in quality against Big Brew.”

The Malmgård brewery is located an hour’s drive from Helsinki and is a popular visiting destination for beer enthusiasts. The brewery was founded in 2009 and is housed in a mansion built in the late 19th century. Malmbård produces 10 regular ciders and beers in 2 000-litre batches.



Published on 30.08.2018