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Finnish glass-making technology and software sell

The tempering machine is the next stage technology of Glaston’s renowned CBHF (Continuous Batch Horizontal Furnace) tempering furnace model.Credits: : Glaston

Finnish companies Glaston and QPR Software have both announced significant orders.

First up, glass processing technologies and services provider Glaston is to provide a new CBRC Series flat tempering line to one of the biggest window and door manufacturers in the US.

The tempering machine can be operated both in continuous and batch mode. This enables customers with high capacity needs to flexibly produce high-quality glass ranging from three millimetres to up to 19 millimetres in thickness.

According to Scott Steffy, VP of sales and service for North America, the deal represents an excellent opening for the company and its new CBRC Series type.

“The continuous/batch concept gives us a competitive edge in the markets as the technology leader,” he states.

The new tempering line will be manufactured in Tampere and delivery is slated for December this year.

Meanwhile, QPR is to deliver process mining software and professional services to an unnamed high-tech company with employees numbering 100 000 worldwide.

“This customer has set their goals high,” says Jari Jaakkola, CEO of QPR Software. “The benefits they expect to gain through process mining are an excellent example of a correct expectation level when working with QPR and QPR ProcessAnalyzer.”

In addition to the software licences, QPR will also provide professional services for implementing process mining solutions for selected processes.

Published on 14.08.2018