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Finnish film set for Scotland

Alvi Haapamäki (left) and Rosa Honkonen play two young women in search of genuine love, sabotaging shallow weddings as they go.Era Kahyaoglu

Directed and written by Hannaleena Hauru, Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara (Lauri Mäntyvaaran tuuheet ripset) is headed to the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where it has been nominated for Best International Film.

The film had its Finnish premiere in July 2017 and has been doing the rounds internationally ever since: in Torino, where it had its international debut, at the Beijing International Film Festival and in the Nordics.

The film is Hannaleena Hauru’s debut feature-length film, where roommates and best friends Satu (played by Alvi Haapamäki) and Heidi (Rosa Honkonen) consider themselves the last hopeless persons who believe in genuine love. In the midst of sabotaging a superficial wedding, Heidi falls in love with a handsome hockey player, Lauri Mäntyvaara (Tiitus Rantala), and his thick lashes. The story continues with Heidi and Satu seeking to strike a balance between what they consider real love and love as it happens.

Another Finnish film set to screen at the Edinburgh International Film Festival is Flame (Polte) – an experimental 15-minute melodrama made from a film, thought to be lost, by Teuvo Tulios – which recently featured at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Published on 25.05.2018