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Finnish film grabs attention in China

China Central Television reaches an estimated 25 million households and one billion viewers.The Finnish Film Foundation

Chinese state-owned television broadcaster China Central Television is producing five episodes about the Finnish film industry for its World Film Report series, set to air in October. The two countries are also negotiating a co-production agreement for the industry.

The World Film Report deals with films and local culture, often touring the biggest film festivals and offering information about films, even ones that are blocked by the state’s internet laws. The series was invited to Finland by a Finnish film industry delegation led by minister Sampo Terho that visited Beijing in March.

“Finland and China are negotiating a bilateral co-production agreement for the audiovisual industry, and this kind of a documentary series about Finland and its best directors will surely help us in advancing the negotiations,” states Anne Laurila, film commissioner in charge of marketing in Asia, in a release. “I hope the series will help in making Finnish film known in China.”

The production crew toured Finland for 10 days in August, visiting Tampere, Turku, Kuusamo, Oulu and Helsinki. The episodes will feature new Finnish film and delve into Finnish culture through Santa Claus, Moomins and Angry Birds. For a glimpse of Finnish events, the crew shot footage of the Air Guitar World Championships and the Helsinki Festival.

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture is financing a project designed to help Finnish production companies interested in the Chinese market. “The official application period will begin at the start of September,” says Kati Nuora from Creative Export Innovations. “In the initial conversations with production companies, the project has raised significant interest.”

Published on 29.08.2018