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Finnish distillery continues award-winning streak

Lignell & Piispanen’s success stems from decades of experience and attention to every detail from grain to the bottle, according to CEO Harri Nylund.Credits: : Lignell & Piispanen

Finnish distillery Lignell & Piispanen has won several awards at The Vodka Masters, part of the Global Spirits Masters competition.

Each of Lignell & Piispanen’s three Gustav vodkas was awarded, with Gustav Dill Vodka receiving a Master award, Gustav Arctic Vodka a Gold award and Gustav Blueberry Vodka a Silver award.

The Finnish distillery has won more than 10 awards in 2017 and 2018, including gold medals at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, one of the industry’s leading competitions.

“These awards, alongside the others, tell us and our whole staff and product development team that we are doing the right things and we are doing them extremely well,” says Harri Nylund, CEO of Lignell & Piispanen. “We have shown with the Gustav Vodkas that in quality we are definitely among the world leaders.”

The Global Spirits Masters is organised by international spirits trade publication The Spirits Business and is the only spirits competition where the products are blind tasted.

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Published on 02.10.2018