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Finnish companies awarded for green innovations

Arctic Biomaterials received the Innovation Award during the 11th International Conference on Bio-Based Materials held in Cologne, Germany.International bio-based conference

Finnish company Arctic Biomaterials’ innovation has been recognised as the Bio-based Material of the Year, while Eagle Filters has been awarded for its gas turbine filtration technology in China.

Arctic Biomaterials‘ PLA (bio-based plastic), reinforced with its own ecological glass fibre, has won the Innovation Award for the Bio-based Material of the Year 2018 at the 11th International Conference on Bio-Based Materials in Cologne.

The Finnish company caters to the medical and technical industries with biodegradable plastic solutions, and its winning innovation is both durable and suitable for technically demanding applications, while still being compostable.

Then onto the second Finnish award recipient, Loudspring company Eagle Filters, which won the Excellent Gas Turbine Filtration Technology Innovation of the Year Award at the fifth China Gas Turbine Focus Conference.

The award recognises leading enterprises in the field in China and beyond, and also serves as encouragement for promising, new companies. China is a potentially huge market for the Finnish company’s air filtration solutions, which provide gas power plants with significant fuel savings and efficiency gains.

“Eagle Filters is a great example of a Loudspring company saving natural resources, in Eagle’s case natural gas,” says CEO of Eagle Filters, Lassi Noponen, in a press release. “Eagle Filters supplies industry-leading products to the energy industry and helps [the industry] save enormous amounts of fuel and thus reduce CO2 emissions.”

Published on 23.05.2018