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Finnish brands win awards around Europe

CHARGE Award recipient Virta offers services across the electric vehicle charging value chain. Screnshot/Virta

It has been a good week for Finnish companies Virta, Fingrid and Canatu, with all three bagging awards at the CHARGE Awards or Automotive Brand Contest.

Finnish electric vehicle (EV) charging company Virta was recognised as the Best Energy Product Brand at the CHARGE Awards 2018, held in connection with the Branding Energy seminar in Iceland on Monday.

Fingrid’s senior VP Tiina Miettinen (left) and communications manager Marjaana Kivioja on hand at the CHARGE Awards 2018. Image: Fingrid

The Finnish company offers EV charging services across the EV charging value chain, including to EV drivers, charging point owners, professional charging point operators and energy utilities.

“The award further validates our position among the best energy sector technology companies,” says Elias Pöyry, CBO of Virta. “Virta is a recognised e-mobility forerunner in Europe.”

Another Finnish company was also awarded at the CHARGE Awards 2018, with transmission system operator Fingrid winning in the Best Transmission Brand category.

“This is the third time that we have been nominated as a contender in the challenging CHARGE Awards competition, which means being amongst the world’s best three transmission system operators,” says Tiina Miettinen, senior vice president of personnel and communications at Fingrid. “This time we won.”

Meanwhile, at the Automotive Brand Contest 2018 organised by the German Design Council, Finnish company Canatu received an award in the Concept Cars category for its 3D Touch Cockpit.

“During the past 1.5 years, we have systematically developed the brand, starting from the brand cornerstones and key messages to every visual detail,” saysKatja Mälkki, vice president of marketing and communications at Canatu. “The win in the Automotive Brand Contest is a great recognition for the comprehensive work done for the brand and the design of the unique 3D cockpit applications.”

Published on 27.09.2018