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Finnish BBQ sauce the best in the world

The Poppamies crew celebrating their double-victory.Poppamies

Finnish chilli and barbeque brand Poppamies has tasted international acclaim at the International Flavor Awards in the US.

Poppamies won the barbecue category with its Cherry & Cola BBQ Sauce and also received the Grand Champion award for the most outstanding product of the event.

The International Flavor Awards are held annually in Wisconsin, US, gathering several producers together to compete for the tastiest and spiciest of sauces and other products. This year, the competition featured a total of 33 categories, meaning there were hundreds of sauces, marinades and drinks from producers all around the world hoping to clinch gold.

Poppamies’ Cherry & Cola sauce was launched in April and has made waves domestically over the unseasonably long summer. The sauce is designed for barbecuing, but it works well with other cooking methods as well, since the taste is derived from actual cherries. Perhaps encouraged by the international success, the company is looking to double its sales next year.

Published on 10.09.2018