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Finnish audio projects awarded in Hamburg

Chinese MasterChef Steven Liu was involved in developing a soundscape for his menu aboard Finnair.Screenshot/Hear the taste trailer

Finnish audio sommelier projects by Audiodraft and Kyrö Distillery, and Ultra Nordic and Mirum have swept the board at the International Sound Awards. Both projects were explorations into the power of audio on taste perceptions.

The International Sound Awards (ISA) were held in Hamburg, Germany, to recognise and celebrate the best in sound concepts and innovations. The awards consisted of 22 nominated projects in nine categories.

Audiodraft’s project with Kyrö Distillery was nominated for two categories at ISA 2018 and claimed the top prize in both audio marketing, and soundscapes and ambient sound.

At Slush Music 2017, the duo organised a tasting experience for participants to test the power of multisensory branding. The tailored audio samples managed to boost the overall experience of Kyrö’s two new rye bitters, as well as enhance the distinct tastes of both beverages.

“This was an immensely interesting case study for us and being recognised among the best audio branding agencies in the world is an awesome reward,” says Teemu Yli-Hollo, CEO of Audiodraft. “Our core purpose at Audiodraft is to raise audio branding to the level of visual branding, because we’re multisensory beings that feel and memorise things in a variety of ways.”

Ultra Nordic and Mirum collaborated on the Hear the Taste project, which was a co-winner in the audio marketing category and also triumphed in the product and universal design categories. The project was done for Finnair to combat the humming sound aboard aeroplanes that accentuates bitter flavours.

The goal was to balance and re-enhance the flavour of Nordic dishes served during flights by recording natural sounds from Lapland and refining them to suitable soundscapes. Image recognition technology was used for an app that offers the best soundscapes, depending on the dish served.

Published on 21.09.2018