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Finland’s social progress ranks high globally

Finns enjoy some of the greatest personal freedom and choice in the world.Riitta Supperi/ Keksi/Team Finland

Finland has been ranked fifth out of 146 countries in the Social Progress Index.

The index is compiled by US-based non-profit Social Progress Imperative to measure the quality of life in a society across three dimensions of social progress: basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing and opportunity.

It uses scores of indicators to highlight a country’s relative strengths and weaknesses. Finland came in first in the world in terms of the inclusiveness of all members of the society and in providing nutrition and basic medical care to its citizens.

Finns also enjoy the third greatest personal freedom and choice in the world and had the fifth best access to information and communications, according to the index.

Finland slipped three positions from last year’s second place, as Norway claimed the top spot from Denmark this year. The Central African Republic remained last in the index.

Published on 24.09.2018