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Finland ranks high in EU Digital Economy and Society Index

The digital skills of Finns remains the strongest competitive advantage of the Finnish economy.Helsinki Material Bank / Julia Kivelä

Finland has been ranked top in Europe in human capital and digital public services in this year’s Digital Economy and Society Index.

Altogether the index ranked all EU member states based on connectivity, human capital, use of Internet services, integration of digital technology and digital public services.

The Nordic trio of Sweden, Denmark and Finland, along with the Netherlands, have the most advanced digital economies in the EU.

Closer examination of the index reveals that Finland ranks first in mobile broadband take-up, where it scores much higher than the EU average.

Finland also has the most ICT specialists in the EU relative to population size. Finns are also the most active EU members in using the Internet for banking and utilising e-health services, while Finnish enterprises lead the way in using cloud services, with every second Finnish company making use of them.

Published on 22.05.2018