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Finland the Innovation Champion of the world

The cleanliness of Finland’s water and air are important ingredients fuelling its innovative environment. Credits: : Visit Finland/Olli Oilinki

A new global ranking has placed Finland at the top of the list of countries whose national policies are conducive to innovation.

Altogether, the inaugural Consumer Technology Association (CTA) identified 13 countries for its International Innovation Scorecard.

Among other things, Finland was applauded for the extent of its individual and political freedom, along with its speed and affordability of Internet connection, percentage of its GDP spent on R&D, and the cleanliness of its water and air.

Furthermore, it was among the countries most enabling of testing and deploying drone technologies, allowing ridesharing to operate most freely, and having the best federal frameworks for short-term home rentals.

Countries were chosen on the basis of two guidelines: the government must be able to influence public policy; and publicly available, verifiable and independent third-party data must exist and can be compared with different nations.

Finland was joined by the UK, Australia, Sweden, United States, Singapore, Netherlands, Canada, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark and New Zealand as the 2018 Innovation Champions.

Published on 12.01.2018