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Finlabs deepens US home care tech collaboration

CareConnect takes home care management mobile and makes communication with a remote caregiver workforce more efficient. Credits: : Finlabs

Finnish software and digitalisation startup Finlabs is stepping up its collaboration with US-based Sandata Technologies in home care management.

With a new contract in place, Finlabs will design and deliver to Sandata an easy-to-use platform that will automate home care-related processes, as well as provide the US-based company with a mobile application to be used by home care professionals.

Sandata’s solutions are currently organising more than 150 million home care visits annually across the US for more than 3 500 customers.

“Sandata and Finlabs have collaborated since the beginning of 2018, when Finlabs delivered a first-stage pilot to us,” said Sandata’s SVP Justin Jugs. “The contract extension will significantly deepen our collaboration and further increases our abilities to be a leading supplier for our customers, as well as help them replace outdated and expensive processes with modern mobile and cloud-based technology solutions.”

The Finnish software company from Oulu has only been operating since the start of the year and is already experiencing strong growth.

“Our goal is to be our clients first choice in digitalising their businesses,” stated Finlabs’ chairman of the board, Mikael Häkkilä. “We are very proud of the trust that Sandata has placed in our young company. Naturally, the biggest acknowledgement belongs to our fantastic staff that has been able to win over the trust of a significant client with their work.”

Published on 13.11.2018