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Elisa brings Nordic TV to China

Nordic TV’s offering includes the Tale of a Lake nature documentary, which was awarded at the 2016 International Gold Panda Documentary Festival in China.Teemu Liakka

Finnish telecommunications company Elisa has partnered with China Broadcasting and Television Media (CBM) to bring Nordic entertainment to Chinese households.

The agreement between Elisa and CBM was sealed in July and presents Nordic TV with access to 245 million cable TV households. The aim is to develop Nordic TV into a nationwide brand in China.

The comprehensive subscriber video-on-demand service contains Nordic films, TV series, sports, variety shows and documentaries, including the Tale of a Lake documentary that has already captivated Chinese viewers.

“Last year, Nordic TV succeeded in a pilot in Shenzhen, a top-tier city with a population of over 10 million people,” saysEinari Kanerva, director of Nordic TV. “The pilot confirmed that Chinese consumers have a desire for Nordic content and they are willing to pay for it.”

The plan is to launch Nordic TV in selected provinces of China, starting with Shenzhen later this year. Nordic TV is a crucial part of Elisa’s international entertainment business, and more resources and effort will be put into content acquisitions, localisation and delivery, while CBM will take care of local operation and marketing.

Published on 04.09.2018