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Eko Harden provides remedy in Italy

According to the company, EKOGRID is the world’s only in-situ remediation solution based on the groundbreaking electro kinetic oxidation method. screenshot/Eko Harden Technologies

Finnish greentech remediation specialist Eko Harden Technologies is set to tackle Italy’s 6 000 polluted sites that require urgent remediation intervention.

Italian remediation company Mares S.R.L. is set to utilise Eko Harden Technologies’ EKOGRID in-situ technology in its soil and groundwater remediation projects, and to sell the technology to other Italian and international environmental projects.

According to Sami Humala, sales director of Eko Harden Technologies, the agreement represents a significant expansion in the company’s EU remediation business.

“Our EKOGRID technology in Italian remediation projects will now begin to have a deep impact on the country’s many polluted sites,” Humala comments.

In Italy, there is currently almost 300 000 hectares of land that requires urgent remediation intervention, including decommissioned industrial sites and gas stations, as well as sites still in operation.

“In many locations, traditional methods such as dig and dump are neither friendly to the environment nor economically sound,” says Francesco Cappelli, managing director of Mares S.R.L.

The news follows the announcement in March that Eka Harden Technologies is also entering the Chinese market.

Published on 02.05.2018