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Easyjet to bring more Brits to Finnish Lapland

Christmas, Santa and winter continue to attract a greater number of British visitors to snowy Lapland.Visit Rovaniemi

British low-cost airline easyJet will open a new direct route from London Gatwick Airport to the capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi, in time for the winter season.

The new route is set to open on 31 October and will operate every Wednesday and Sunday for the whole winter.

Finnish Lapland continues to attract an ever larger number of British visitors: tourists from the UK increased by almost 40 per cent in the years 2016–2017 and by a fifth last winter.

“We are excited about the new flight connection, which will bring British people to meet Santa Claus and experience Christmas every day of the year,” says Sanna Kärkkäinen, CEO of Visit Rovaniemi. “They are a familiar customer group to us, whom we know to love Christmas, Santa and winter.”

The new flights to Rovaniemi will have a positive effect on the whole Lapland tourism industry, as the northern Finnish city serves as gateway to all the surrounding ski resorts and holiday destinations.

To keep up with the tourism boom, Rovaniemi Airport is currently undergoing a 20 million-euro expansion by Finnish airport operator Finavia, which is investing a total of 55 million euros into its Lappish airports.

Published on 09.08.2018