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CoPlays strikes deal with FC Barcelona

CoPlays CEO Markus Kauppinen outside FC Barcelona’s iconic Camp Nou stadium. CoPlays

Finnish coaching app CoPlays has signed a collaboration agreement with sports giant FC Barcelona.

With CoPlays, coaches of teams can easily create animated drills and plays, and use it for communication with their players.

The app is currently used by 1 750 teams from 20 countries, with FC Barcelona the Finnish company’s biggest client by far.

“I met with the people responsible for FC Barcelona’s digital development in the spring,” says CoPlays CEO Markus Kauppinen. “They got excited about the possibilities of our service and our vision. Now, after months of negotiations, I’m happy to announce that the dream came true: we have reached a deal with the legendary FC Barcelona.”

“They got excited about the possibilities of our service and our vision.”

As part of the collaboration, the two will build a comprehensive digital platform for the Spanish football giant that equips the club’s hundreds of coaches in Spain and around the world with ready-made tools that allow them to precisely follow the club’s training culture.

Exercises drawn up for use at the different FC Barcelona training grounds, including its world famous youth academy La Masia, will be stored in CoPlays’ exercise bank, which can be accessed by any CoPlays user.

This is where the Finnish company believes the global business potential to be: exercises stored in the app’s database by top sports professionals.

“What if a Finnish junior coach could build a day’s worth of training from La Masia’s exercise bank in just five minutes?” Kauppinen ponders.

Published on 10.10.2018