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Claned and World Vision to improve teaching quality in Kenya

In Kenya, less than 50 per cent of primary school-age children achieve a minimum level of learning by grade four.Claned

Finnish edtech company Claned Group is providing its online learning solution ClanedKids to World Vision Finland, to be put to use in the Ngoswet region of Western Kenya.

The donation combines Finnish pedagogy and AI to enable a personalised learning experience for each child. The aim is to improve study motivation and learning results.

The quality of education for elementary and middle-school children is not adequate currently in Ngoswet. Student attendance is weak, there is a lack of school materials and there are 53 children per classroom on average.

World Vision Finland CEO Tiina Antturi (left) received the donation from Claned Group director Mariam Shodeinde in Geneva. Image: Malachy Harty

“Our aim is to find out how digitalisation can help schools and students to reach and improve their learning results,” states CEO of Claned Group, Mervi Palander, in a release. “We shall do this in collaboration with the local schools, authorities, students and parents.”

The pilot will also utilise a reading game developed in Finland called Graphogame, along with the 21st Century Skills framework and a tool for the assessment of broad-based competencies, which have been developed in Finland by Claned Group and ELE Finland.

“In practice, the tool helps the teacher analyse how far he/she has reached the goals of the core curriculum. Schools can also utilise the tool to improve the collaboration between teachers and distribute responsibilities over how to teach the broad-based competencies on a local level,” Palander continues.

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Published on 15.03.2018