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Canatu signs licensing deal with DENSO

Canatu’s transparent CNB films can be integrated to sensors, enabling autonomous vehicles to operate in any weather. Credits: : Canatu

Finnish high technology company Canatu has entered into a licensing agreement with DENSO, a global supplier of advanced technology for the automotive industry.

Canatu manufacturers 3D-formable and stretchable films and touch sensors. The non-exclusive licensing deal relates to the manufacturing of Canatu CNB film for heaters that can be used in, for example, autonomous cars.

Joint manufacturing and development will take place in both Finland and Japan, where DENSO is headquartered.

“This long-term licensing agreement is very important step for Canatu,” said Juha Kokkonen, CEO of Canatu. “We are very delighted about this deep collaboration with DENSO. It shows the tremendous value of the CNB technology and the intellectual property that has been developed by Canatu in Finland.”

Sensor heaters will become increasingly important as the automotive industry moves towards autonomous driving, as the sensors controlling the driving must be able to operate in any weather.

“This is one important milestone in making Canatu’s solutions [an] industry standard for the sensor heaters of autonomous driving,” Kokkonen continued. “Additionally, it allows us to invest further in CNB technology.”

Published on 14.12.2018