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Cajo Technologies makes its mark on Norway’s oil industry

Subsea umbilicals are cables that are laid on the sea bed and are used to transmit telecommunications or electrical energy.Shutterstock

Finnish laser marking solutions provider Cajo Technologies has delivered innovative marking solutions to Norwegian technology company Aker Solutions.

Operating in more than 30 countries, Aker Solutions focuses on the oil industry. The delivery involves the marking of subsea umbilicals it has manufactured.

Cajo Technologies specialises in the fields of laser marking software, material knowledge and the control of laser beams. Its patented laser marking technology has been developed to offer optimised and easy-to-use comprehensive solutions for traceability and product markings in production processes.

The demanding conditions on the seabed necessitate that the subsea umbilicals are both durable and lengthy. A single production batch, for example, may refer to the production of a continuous cable that is more than 80 kilometres long. The outer coating of the subsea umbilicals manufactured by Aker is PE plastic, which presents another challenge due to its slippery surface.

“Our technology allows extremely accurate and durable markings for almost any material in a quick and cost-effective manner,” explains CEO Niko Karsikas, in a release. “In terms of speed, we are able to meet the speeds of customers’ production lines, in other words markings take place in motion without stopping the pieces. We also replace traditional marking methods, such as ink jets, with an extremely short repayment period.”

Prior to Cajo’s solution, such marking could only be made on one side of the subsea umbilical. Cajo’s marking cell has three lasers, which allows the markings to be seen under water from any angle. The marking solution allowed the speed capacity of the production line to be doubled. This resulted in a repayment period of the investment of 18 months.

Last year, Cajo Technologies was chosen as one of the winners in the innovation programme INGENIUM by the capital steel company Celsa Group. The company also headed to the US in 2016.

Published on 23.08.2018