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Cableway on good terms with Vodafone Germany

Cableway will continue to offer services for Vodafone Germany’s cable network customers also found here in Cologne’s busy Schildergasse shopping street.Vodafone

Teleste subsidiary Cableway has extended its strategic partnership with Vodafone Germany, with a new three-year agreement.

With a value that is expected to exceed 200 million euros over the three-year term, the contract will see Cableway provide installation and maintenance services for Vodafone’s cable network customers in Germany.

The two companies have co-operated since 2008, when Vodafone Germany outsourced part of the technical services of its cable network to Teleste subsidiary Cableway.

The co-operation has gone well over the years, and the latest agreement was renewed one year prior to the expiry of the previous contract.

It will strengthen Cableway’s long-term profitability and sustainability, and offer further opportunities for Teleste to grow its business footprint in Germany.

Published on 08.05.2018