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Biohit GastroPanel finds Korean distributer

GastroPanel diagnoses Helicobacter pylori infection and atrophic gastritis, the two prime risk factors of gastric cancer.Istock.com/wickedpix

Finnish biotechology company Biohit and Dow BioMedica have signed an agreement for the distribution of Biohit GastroPanel in Korea.

According to BioMedica, Korea has a high incidence of Helicobacter pylori infection caused atrophic gastritis, and related risks such as gastric cancer.

“GastroPanel as a primary examination will find patients for further examination, and allows more cost-effective utilisation of the scarce endoscopy resources due to the reduction of unnecessary gastroscopies,” states company CEO Young Gill Shin.

The contract is valid for four years with a continuation option. Registration will commence during Q1 2018.

“GastroPanel has proven its suitability and efficacy as the first-line diagnostic test in numerous countries including China, which shares similar dyspepsia and stomach cancer incidence rates as Korea,” adds Biohit CEO Semi Korpela.

Published on 19.02.2018