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Berlin-based DECA grabs Zombie Catchers

Millions of new players continue to download the game each month.Screenshot/Zombie Catchers

Games developer and publisher DECA Games has acquired Zombie Catchers from Finnish indie studio Two Men and a Dog.

The game has been played by more than 55 million players since its 2014 release. DECA is to continue to develop it further and plans to release new content and expansions and continue to grow its audience. The move enables Two Men and a Dog to develop fresh projects.

“After the successful run of Zombie Catchers, we wanted to shift our focus to creating new games, however our fans were craving further expansions,” says CEO Matti Kallonen. “We talked with DECA and immediately saw that they would be an ideal partner to take the game forward. With DECA, we have no doubt that Zombie Catchers will continue successfully for another decade.”

Zombie Catchers tapped into the current zombie zeitgeist with its offbeat storyline: two intergalactic businessman protagonists set about enticing zombies from underground and transforming them into liquid form for the thirsty public.

“Our motto is to create games that no one has ever imagined,” Kallonen told us last year, in our feature article on Two Men and a Dog.

Published on 05.11.2018