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BC Platforms offers Pfizer key cardiovascular data

BC Platform extensive collection of genomic and clinical data provides Pfizer with vital insights into cardiovascular diseases.BC Platforms

Finnish BC Platforms is giving US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer access to its technology solutions and research platform to study data on cardiovascular diseases.

Pfizer Finland will use BC Platforms‘ data management platform, including its open network of biobanks known as BCRQUEST.COM, to analyse anonymised data on atrial fibrillation patients from Turku University Hospital and other healthcare providers.

Microsoft, on its part, will offer the necessary cloud infrastructure for global access and indexing of the information through its Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

“Pfizer is one of the leaders in providing treatment solutions for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and we are delighted that they have chosen to collaborate with us to support the generation of real world evidence in this space to better understand the complexities of the disease,” says Samu Kurki, lead scientist at BC Platforms.

BC Platforms and Pfizer are both participants in the FinnGen project, one of the most significant global research projects that strives to improve human health through genetics research. It was launched in Finland in autumn 2017.

Published on 16.02.2018