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Basware chosen as global e-invoice service partner

Basware keeps clients up to date with digital financing services. Credits: : Screenshot/Basware

Finnish financing services company Basware has been chosen as the e-invoice service provider for US-based Agilent Technologies.

Basware has signed an agreement with Agilent Technologies, in which the Finnish company will provide the latter with its e-invoice service solution in 16 countries, with the potential to expand to more than 60 countries globally.

Agilent Technologies is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets, providing complete scientific solutions to laboratories worldwide. Basware’s solution means Agilent can start sending all of its invoices in electronic format.

“Agilent intends to get rid of paper with a partner like us, who has strong knowledge about compliance in their different markets,” says Pekka Lindfors, vice president of international sales at Basware. “Especially Basware’s business-to-government understanding was considered a true strength. Additionally, our ability to handle PDF as the incoming data format from their SAP was crucial.”

Basware’s automated solution covers all of Agilent’s relevant markets and countries with built-in VAT/tax compliance support, and also hands it better oversight and added visibility and control over account receivables.

Published on 29.03.2018