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Augumenta and Jorjin Technologies gesture towards future

Hand gesture control is a natural, easy-to-learn way to control camera-equipped smartglasses used for content viewing and augmented reality applications. Pictured is Jorjin’s J-100 Smart Glasses (EVK version).Screenshot/Jorjin

Finnish AR app and tool supplier Augumenta has partnered with Taiwanese modular processing, sensing and wireless connectivity solutions provider Jorjin Technologies.

The strategic partnership seeks to integrate Augumenta gesture control solutions on smartglasses manufactured by Jorjin that run on Android.

Improving the user-friendliness of the smartglasses is a chief goal of the companies, and to accelerate adoption in both consumer and industry segments. The partnership will cover all future Jorjin smartglasses equipped with RGB and/or 3D cameras.

“Thanks to Jorjin’s extensive system-level knowhow, we were able to co-design an architecture that brings unparalleled performance without sacrificing battery life,” says Tero Aaltonen, co-founder and CEO of Augumenta, in a release. “The ultimate beneficiaries are end-users, who get a solution that’s intuitive to use in navigating and controlling both entertainment and productivity applications.”



Published on 26.02.2018