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Audiodraft finds the right pitch for Team Sweden

Audiodraft clinched gold at the International Sound Awards for an audio sommelier project with Kyrö Distillery at Slush Music 2017. CEO Teemu Yli-Hollo (left) and Cameron Murphy, head of production, accepted the famous ISA bells in Hamburg.Audiodraft

The Swedish national football team is upping the ante in terms of its brand identity by creating a new anthem with the help of Finnish audio branding agency Audiodraft.

The end product is a combination of classic stadium anthem tunes, supported by a blend of electronic and acoustic vibes. It will be played during home games when players enter the pitch.

“This was a very special case for us,” says Teemu Yli-Hollo, the CEO of Audiodraft. “Only a few have gone further in the musical exploration of their nation’s sporting identity than SvFF [the Swedish national team].”

Working closely with the national team, Audiodraft had to dig in deep to the team’s football philosophy to be able to compose a true-to-the-identity anthem. In addition to the team’s energetic and bold playing style, the anthem is based on a musical profile created by the team themselves and SvFF’s brand attributes.

“By developing an audio brand, we want to make the skill, passion and values of our football community heard, and bring Swedish people closer together in supporting the national teams,” says Andreas Jansson, head of communications at SvFF.

Audiodraft’s expertise is in the emergent field of branding that is betting on the rise of audio into the core of companies’ identities. The change is underway in consumer’s listening habits and the leap in audio hardware. Companies are also beginning to take notice.

“We were surprised how Audiodraft could turn something as subjective as music into hard data,” says Jansson. “We’re looking to implement the audio brand even more in our future communications at social media and other channels,” he continues.

Published on 18.10.2018