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Arcusys partners with Liferay in UK and Ireland

Janne Hietala (right) and the Arcusys team is set to digitalise learning.Arcusys

Arcusys and Liferay have teamed up to provide digital learning solutions for the UK and Ireland to help companies adapt to the demands of modern working life.

After setting up shop in London’s Level39 technology community last summer, Arcusys has expanded its partnership with Liferay for the UK and Ireland markets as well. The agreement builds on the companies’ successful collaboration in Finland and the United States, in delivering cutting-edge digital transformation tools for corporate clients.

According to Michael MacAuley, general manager of Liferay UK & Ireland, the partnership is welcomed due to the Finnish company’s “considerable expertise [in] developing and delivering Liferay-based intranets”. MacAuley also highlights the market potential of Arcusys’ “highly regarded Valamis solution”.

Arcusys’ Valamis learning experience platform provides businesses with digital learning tools to help personnel stay on top of disruptive technologies and new regulations. The customisable learning solution takes into account the different learning styles of individuals.

“We’re developing analytical tools and intelligent automation for making work more efficient and learning more personalised with insight from our customers, partners, and our own analysts and data scientists,” states Janne Hietala, chief commercial officer of Arcusys, who envisions the collaboration with Liferay as representing the “eLearning of the future”.

Hietala’s team is definitely on the way to fulfilling that promise. The solution recently won a bid from the Swedish National Agency for Education to provide a digital learning solution for teacher training, worth 2.2 million euros. The company has also been busy helping NASA inhabit Mars.

Published on 13.04.2018