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AirFaas wins in Belgium

The award is presented to Edward Blomstedt (right) by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society (centre).Airfaas

Finnish company AirFaas has been bestowed with the DIGITALEUROPE SME AWARD in Brussels.

The award was presented at Masters of Digital 2018, the annual flagship event of digital technology industry trade association, DIGITALEUROPE.

Touted as “an Airbnb for factories”, AirFaas is a portal that allows companies to manufacture their machines and components without owning factories, production equipment or having production workers.

CEO Edward Blomstedt is confident that AirFaas will disrupt the manufacturing industry the same way UBER and Airbnb revolutionised consumer behaviour.

“Someone asked me one year ago where we will be in 10 years,” he states. “I told him that AirFaas will be one of the world’s 50 largest companies. I am even more convinced of that today.”

Blomstedt discussed the idea of a ‘factory as a service’ when Good News from Finland interviewed him for a feature article on Combi Works last year.

Published on 21.02.2018