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Aalto and VTT funded for new CERES center

Aalto and VTT are joining forces for new biomaterial research. From left: VTT’s Tiina Nakari-Setälä, professor Orlando Rojas from Aalto University, Tuija Pulkkinen from Aalto University, and VTT research professor Kristiina Kruus.Valeria Azovskaya

Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are setting up a new bioeconomy competence centre called CERES, which has been selected for Academy of Finland flagship funding.

The CERES centre will be funded with several million euros for the next few years from the Academy of Finland’s new research funding programme.

It will bring together the research communities and networks of Aalto University and VTT to focus on future solutions of the bioeconomy and to develop completely new biomaterials for use in things such as textiles, wearables, household products, energy harvesting and storage.

“Aalto University and VTT’s profiles perfectly complement each other, and our long-term strategic co-operation creates [an] exceptionally strong and diverse competence cluster,” says Aalto University president Ilkka Niemelä. “CERES competence centre benefits the Finnish society by increasing competitiveness, new innovations and jobs, and produces at the same time new innovative solutions to the global challenges of sustainability.”

The Academy of Finland has so far selected two research clusters for its national research funding programme, the other being the 6Genesis flagship research stemming from the University of Oulu, which is the first research project in the world to focus on 6G.

Published on 23.04.2018