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Veho accelerates in Sweden

Veho’s market share of Mercedes-Benz sales in Sweden is 12 per cent.Veho

Finnish car retailer and service company Veho is continuing its business expansion in Sweden with new premises set to open in Stockholm.

The construction of a new Veho store will commence in Nacka during the first quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, a service station solely focusing on the Mercedes-Benz brand is also scheduled to open its doors in Bromma in January.

These developments follow the company’s extension of its ‘Kungens Kurva’ premises in November this year, where it established a Van ProCenter store.

Veho first entered the Swedish market 10 years ago, with business there making up 12 per cent of the company’s turnover last year. The company has trained its focus on retail sales of Mercedes-Benz in Sweden, and currently claims a 12 per cent market share of the luxury vehicle manufacturer’s sales there.

“Sweden is an important expansion area for us,” the company’s Kenneth Nymansays in a press release. “The market is three times bigger in Sweden compared to Finland. Thanks to a long period of economic growth the car business is flourishing in Sweden.”

Published on 11.12.2017