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Solita sets up shop in Tallinn

Hello Estonia! Solita is looking for experts for its operations in Tallinn.Solita

Digital business consulting company Solita continues its internationalisation by opening a new office in Tallinn, Estonia.

At first, the new unit will serve as an expertise centre for Finnish and Scandinavian customers. Solita is currently recruiting data experts and software developers to work in Tallinn.

“We have continued to grow well this year, and it’s great to have top specialists join our growing team in Estonia and Sweden too,” says Solita’s CEO Jari Niska. “We become international through organic growth on our customers’ terms and in line with our people-centred corporate culture.”

At the moment, Solita is particularly on the lookout for cloud technology, data, software development and information security experts in Tallinn. Next year, the company will commence an artificial intelligence training programme for software developers and architects, aiming to teach them to use technologies and tools related to machine learning and AI.

Solita opened its first international office in Stockholm in January. The company employs over 650 digital business experts.

Published on 22.11.2017